Hi Nina


Thanks for the nice words. It is because of such feedback that we are still struggling.

It's probably not that simple. Although others in the same market have tried to make our lives a little harder, I do not want to directly criticize the industry for our challenges. There are many aspects of it:


All stores need to carefully select the products they want to take in and spend effort on. I.e.they choose products with high coverage and large marketing budgets. We were once met with a requirement to enter a large Danish chain: "The competing product is so well-known that we need to see a market plan with TV commercials, to take something else in." Then we speak several million. dkr. - and we do not have them. Conversely, the same very well-known product has subsequently disappeared from the market due to problems associated with the approval - and as it apparently came back, it was with a completely different content.

We have considered spending money getting into the stores - but since it is very expensive and we earn significantly more by selling from our own online store - it is not very attractive.

So to get the shops to go without a good marketing budget, there must be a massive demand - that is to say, that our users should ask for it.


Media coverage is good. But because we have a physical product to sell, most journalists have touched anxiety. I may be a little envious when I see reviews of musicians, plays and authors - cultural products are much easier to get free publicity. We have had some review over the years - but it must be quite massive to work. The actual story behind LadyBalance is a exciting story - I have often wondered that none of the big media has shown interest in bringing it. For example, the story that the antibiotic you get from your doctor must be considered carcinogenic. While it only provides short-term relief.

If anyone in our network should have the opportunity to bring our story to a broader public, we would like to support it.


Yours sincerely


Inge Dorthe Hansen

LadyBalance ApS

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