• LadyBalance – when you want to be fresh and attractive in the most intimate part of your body. Ascertains a fresh and healthy vagina and eliminates the most common nuisances.

    The product consists of white sugar tablets with a neutral smell. It is easily inserted into the vagina, providing a fresh and clean smell in less than 24 hours. Your body will tell you the required dosage.

  • Intimate Cream with high amount of lactose suitable for dry skin and outer mucous membranes. Is easy absorbed by skin, helps to sooth irritation, strengthen the body’s natural protective features and brings balance to the skin in intimate area. Product does not contain perfume.

  • pH strips – are used to determine the acidity level – and tell you whether this makes you particularly susceptible to discharge with a fishy smell.

    They can help you to dose LadyBalance correctly. If the vaginal environment is acidic, the smell disappears.

  • Applicator for LadyBalance vaginal tablets

    Individually packed single-use applicator. User guide supplied. Due to legal requirements it can only be sold together with LadyBalance vaginal tablets (jar, refill or travelpack).

    The applicator produced from approved plastic material. Intend for inserting the vaginal tablet into the vagina.

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