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LadyBalance – when you want to be fresh and attractive in the most intimate part of your body. Ascertains a healthy vagina and eliminates the most common nuisances, including discharge with a fishy smell, itching, burning and dryness.

The product consists of white sugar tablets with a neutral smell. It is easily inserted into the vagina, providing a fresh and clean smell in less than 24 hours. Your body will tell you the required dosage.

LadyBalance is certified as a medical device Class IIa in Europe. The effect against the mentioned indications is therefore assessed and accepted by an independent Notified Body.

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Urinary tract infection is triggered by the vaginosis-bacteria

Urinary tract infection is triggered by the vaginosis-bacteria

Millions of women suffer from recurrent urinary tract infection. The only available treatment is antibiotics, which contribute to the increasing and threatening antibiotic resistance among pathogenic bacteria.

It is recognized, that the problem is caused by the E. coli- bacteria establishing a reservoir in the bladder lining, where they are well hidden and protected. Previously the factors that awake the E. coli bacteria and cause a new painful attack were not known. An American group of scientists has shed light over this question.