It is time to consider whether a change of lifestyle is needed. If you suffer from problems with the private parts, you can consider whether you can reduce the risk factors that increase your risk of these problems.

Different studies give different results, but a large Australian study has fairly clear conclusions in relation to bacterial vaginosis:

What should you do:

Permanent sexual partner

Use birth control pills

Use a condom

What to avoid:

Many sex partners

Smoking, use of narcotics, heavy alcohol use

Female sex partners (sorry LGPT+ people but there is strong statistical significance and a 230% increase in risk).


From our own world

As previously mentioned, in March 2021 we lost the approval to market LadyBalance vaginal tablets for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, thrush and dryness. Not because our results have deteriorated, but because the requirements for documentation and approval could no longer be met. The products are now sold in the EU as a hygiene product - where we do not promise anything in relation to health and treatment. But the product is identical to the previously approved product.

Perhaps you have discovered that Matas markets our vaginal tablets in their own brand medicare vaginal tablets. This has made the product very accessible to all Danish women. Unfortunately, they have chosen not to continue when we are no longer allowed to write that it works. But you can buy the vaginal tablets on our own website

If you choose not to follow the advice, it's a good thing we have LadyBalance.

Is there a social media shark out there?

Today, social media marketing is essential. The age of my birth certificate, the full-time work and lack of competence mean that LadyBalance does not have the visibility on social media that we deserve. We would like to establish cooperation with users who have the time and effort to help in that area. Blogger or just familiar with the various media. Send an email to and we will find an agreement.

References: Smart S, Singal A, Mindel A Social and sexual risk factors for bacterial vaginosis Sexually Transmitted Infections 2004;80:58-62.

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