Urinary tract infection is triggered by the vaginosis-bacteria

The scientists are working with mice – a recognized model for humans in this area. Mice with latent E.coli infection were produced. By exposing the bladder in these mice shortly with Gardnerella vaginalis the urinary tract infection was provoked. The trial also showed, that the exposure with G. vaginalis induces exfoliation (dissolving) of the bladder wall.  It is obvious, that this can liberate hidden E.-coli bacteria.  Also related to cervical lesions it is established, that G. vaginalis has a negative influence of the healing of surfaces (see newsletter 25 about cervical lesions).

Classically Gardnerella vaginalis has been considered the primary agent for bacterial vaginosis. Recently a number of other bacteria have been appointed as “the” agent, but increasing evidence about specific characteristics for Gardnerella has underlined its status as an important factor.

Gilbert et al. (2017) observed, that mice with urinary tract infection provoked by G. vaginalis had a relatively high (6%) occurence of kidney infection, a dangerous condition that can lead to systemic infection and death. 

Another argument has been added to the long list of very good reasons to keep the vagina healthy without Gardnerella vaginalis. The shop is open on www.ladybalance.dk. We have never postulated that LadyBalance lactose vaginal tablets could remedy urinary tract infection. But the question will be posed in the updated questionnaire to be conducted this year. If you have experiences in this aspect we would much appreciate to be informed on info@ladybalance.dk.

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