A healthy vagina is dominated by good lactic acid bacteria and is acidic (having a low pH). The vaginal nuisances usually occurs because the mikrobiota is changed thereby the undesirable microorganisms dominate. Stinging and itching (thrush) is caused by the yeast Candida, while bad-smelling discharge is characteristic of bacterial vaginosis. The bacterium Gardnerella vaginalis is a recognized cause.All these organisms are normally found in the vagina; whether it is a problem or not is determined only by what is dominant.

High sexual activity, use of IUD and pregnancy are factors that affect the vaginal condition. Bacterial vaginosis is treated with antibiotics, but it often leads to an attack of thrush. And the unpleasant vaginal discharge often reoccurs after a few weeks.

The principle behind LadyBalance is to supplement the favorite nourishment to the woman’s own lactic acid bacteria. Then, they are able to grow and dominate, and produce the acid which creates the healthy environment

  • Antibiotics do the job immediately - but not for long.
  • Probiotics - added lactic acid bacteria - may function while using them. But       they are strangers and often they have difficulies to establish themselves.
  • Prebiotics are LadyBalance®. By adding nutrient the woman’s own lactic acid bacteria are supported and are able to dominate. The nutrient is not be exploited by harmful organisms.

LadyBalance® consists of milk sugar derived from milk. It is a vaginal tablet, which is used according to your precepted needs.

There are no side effects except perhaps a slight powdery discharge. Increased moisture can be considered both positively and negatively. Increased sexual desire and stamina have also been reported.

The product is classified as a medical device, and meets the European legislation. We are subject to inspection by an external control.

Is it effective?

There have been conducted several user surveys. The feedback from the users state, that between 82 and 96% of users experienced an improvement using LadyBalance. The improvement rate was  96% for women with bacterial vaginosis, and 82% for dryness.

Additional information and product samples please contact info@ladybalance.dk.

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