Super product! I am simply thrilled with the product :-) I can only recommend it. I always use LB just after the period, so I introduced half a tablet just before bedtime, thereby maintain the balance in the vagina. In addition, I'll do the same after intercourse. ... Read More


Fabulous product - thanks! I have been using Lady Balance for 6 days - and the odour which was causing me such embarrassment and shame has completely disappeared. The problem began when I started using the IUD coil 4 years ago. Doctors I have spoken to about it told me that the coil can affect the natural flora of the vagina, and that I should avoid soap of any kind, ...... Read More


I've been using lady balance for 4 years now and I can't be without it. It's the best product out there and I know as I've tried so many! Thank you LB you've helped me out so much! ... Read More


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  • 85,00 kr

    The product is supplied in a handy blister pack. Contains 12 dividable tablets.  Sufficient  for 12 – 36 days.

    85,00 kr
  • 101,00 kr

    The price is for a pack with 20 pieces. pH-strips – sind zum Ermitteln des Säuregrads anzuwenden – und erzählen Ihnen, ob Sie deswegen besonders anfällig für Ausfluss mit einem Geruch, der an Fisch erinnert.

    101,00 kr
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items