The effects and side effects are similar to the previous studies - over 90% of women with unpleasant vaginal odor (symptoms of bacterial vaginosis) experienced an improvement. More than 83% of women with itching and pain (symptoms of Candida) experienced an improvement while 70% or more found fewer problems with dryness using LadyBalance. The most common side effect is powdery discharge, which 79% have experienced.

There has always been a formulated request for an applicator - and it became available in 2016. Most users indicate that they have purchased applicators because they find it more hygienic, but over half indicate that without applicator it is a problem to place the tablet sufficiently deep into the vagina. Almost half indicate that they reuse the applicator even it is disposable. This is a possible hygienic problem, but no one has indicated problems due to use of a dirty applicator.

A total of 67 users indicate that they have used LadyBalance lactose tablets both without and with applicator. We have requested them to assess whether the effects and side effects became worse or better when using the applicator. For 59% of users with smelly discharge, it became better with applicator. The corresponding numbers of itching / burning and dryness are 43 and 62% respectively. Neutral odor emissions were reduced in 32% while increased at 9%. This may be due to the fact that the natural methabolism of lactose leads to the formation of clear liquid, so a more effective supply can provide more fluid.

Overall, it can be concluded that for women who have chosen to use applicator, there is a clear improvement in effect and side effects. This may be because just the women who have trouble getting the tablet have chosen to use the applicator. Therefore, the recommendation for the applicator will, as for the tablet, be: Use it if you feel you need it!