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Super product! I am simply thrilled with the product :-) I can only recommend it. I always use LB just after the period, so I introduced half a tablet just before bedtime, thereby maintain the balance in the vagina. In addition, I'll do the same after intercourse. Moreover, a thing like sex toys / lubricants can also create an imbalance in the vagina, LB also ... Read More   - Ingrid

Natural and balanced. After years of having been bothered by a very sensitively environment of the vagina where menstruation, sex, or a little stressed period was equal to imbalance, bad odor, thrush and expenses for both OTC and prescription drugs. I / we - (second generation in the home have also discovered LadyBalance) enjoy the fact that we are using a natural ... Read More   - Lene

Fabulous product - thanks! I have been using Lady Balance for 6 days - and the odour which was causing me such embarrassment and shame has completely disappeared. The problem began when I started using the IUD coil 4 years ago. Doctors I have spoken to about it told me that the coil can affect the natural flora of the vagina, and that I should avoid soap of any kind, ... Read More   - Jules

Thank you very much for LadyBalance! Finally an effective product! Having used LadyBalance a little more than a month my intime parts are fully balanced and back on track again. Itis fantastic! I am lactose intolerant, but have no nuisances when using the product. Remember to use LadyBalance ALONE and NOT in combination with other products (if so it will not ... Read More   - Patricia

I've been using lady balance for 4 years now and I can't be without it. It's the best product out there and I know as I've tried so many! Thank you LB you've helped me out so much! Read More   - Paula

An amazing product! I've tried almost everything on the market after suffering from private parts problems for a long time, but LadyBalance is the only product that always works right away! I think it should be more widespread and sold as a minimum in health food or at pharmacies - that's the best I've tried! THANKS! Read More   - Malou

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